In the South of Reims, in the first foothills of the Montagne de Reims, the winery is situated in TROIS-PUITS, a village classified Premier Cru, the second highest rank amongst the Crus Champenois.

The winery is composed of 4 hectares of vineyard planted with the three traditional grape varieties:
• Pinot Meunier at 53%
• Pinot Noir at 33%
• Chardonnay at 14%

The Champagne House is a family-run company since 3 generations, and the vineyard is developed and improved in respect to the family tradition. The entire production is sold in direct since 1971.

Pierre Trichet produces himself his wines and they age in his own cellars carved out from the rock, eight meters depth in the chalk. The constant temperature of 12-13 degrees and the high hygrometry allow the wines to age in the best conditions.

The annual production is around 70.000 bottles and the winery has the Négociant-Manipulant (NM) status.


The history of the vineyards starts with Pierre Trichet's grandmother Antoinette.This strong-minded woman, and her husband Edmond who was partly paralysed, both started to plant the first vine stocks from 1945 to 1950. The wine farm was born from the dividing in three parts of the grandparents’ farm.

In 1961, Pierre's parents, Thérèse and René got married and settled in Trois-Puits, a stone’s throw from the city of Reims. They were cereal farmers and they got on with the planting of the AOC land (Protected Appellation of Origin) they had been given.

The cellars were already there when they set in. Their revival began in 1970 when they started the adventure of champagne-making. At the beginning, those first two galleries were used as a fridge by the family. In 1971, the first bottles vinified by Thérèse and René were stored in these cellars. The House Champagne Trichet-Didier was born.

In 1979, René decided to extend the cellars. It was an incredible discovery: a gallery dating from 1789, the year of the French revolution. It was empty, of course, but suitable for up to 45 000 bottles. The first galleries were reunited and a lift was built in order to ease bottles handling.

In 1989, Pierre Trichet took the winery over and decided to completely renovate the main building and to convert it, thus bringing many changes: stacking in pallets, 2500 bottles/m2, automatic riddling, cleaning facilitated, winery for reserve wines: in short, the future!

In 2007, he went on expanding with the construction of a thermo-regulated building. This enabled us to immediately double our storage capacity. More than 200 000 bottles: quality is the way to future.

2015 a year full of changes, Champagne Trichet-Didier evolves by changing its name and its corporate identity, as well as the bottles look. A new image truly more modern and up to date.

The reason of such a change is simple: the will to finally assume the work carried out and achieved by Pierre Trichet since he took the activity over. Spotlights are now focused on this charismatic and passionate man who takes part in all the steps of the elaboration of his cuvées, from the vineyard to the delivery of the final product including wine making and blending.


Pierre is one of those people with a face showing personality! He also has a strong voice that can capture his audience’s attention when he takes you around his revolution-old cellars, with unconcealed pleasure. His passion and his eloquence are always there, whether in French or in English.

He loves talking about his vineyards and his wines, but what he loves most of all is being in his vines. “I‘m unhappy when I’m not in my vines”, he confesses. Today, the house Trichet-Didier rests on his broad shoulders. He is the youngest of the family, and after his training at Avize wine school, just graduated with a baccalaureate, Pierre headed for market gardening and settled in Perpignan, just to see if the grass was greener on the other side of France, as if escaping from his destiny. When he came back 2 years later, in 1986, it was not because of family duty, but for the love of his home region and his bond to Champagne.

In 1988, he met Mireille, who will become his wife. Together they make a lovely pair and complement one another extremely well. When one is in the vines, the other is at the office, but they always welcome their customers or B&B guests together. The idea of a B&B was born in 2008, when they renovated their house. An ambitious project, which revealed shared values and a common state of mind: opening up to others, needing to meet and exchange, as they did during their various travels together.

This desire to give and receive lead them to adopt Vincent in 2010, and Marie in 2011. Pierre and Mireille are contented parents and forever linked to Vietnam. During their different journeys to this country, they were deeply affected by the fate of the children they met in Hô-Chi-Minh orphanages. Today they are helping 3 associations which are striving for these Vietnamese children, through the sales of Champagne metal caps much sought after by collectors.

When it is time for the blending, a crucial stage in the champagne-making, Pierre tries to add to his crafted cuvees the same generosity. “I like wines with a nose, with depth and curves. I am not seeking absolute perfection, but rather character”, he says.

He has certainly got character, building it over the years and life damages. This old-sea-dog looking guy was affected by disease three times but never flinched. “Fluctuat nec mergitur” is his motto.

After such hardship, he sees life differently now, and always wants to move forward. His head is full of ideas and he wishes to revolutionize the small and quiet stuffy Champagne world by adding his little original touch. He decided to plant Pinot Blanc vinestocks, a nearly extinct grape variety. He is also throwing himself in a wild gamble to make a special cuvee in 2015, an days of old champagne, which was then called Crémant. Round, fruity, breezy, with fine bubbles and only 3.5 bars of pressure. It will show an untypical face of Champagne, modeled on his.


Rosé Champagne «L‘ Authentique Rosé»
Concours International Lyon 2014: Gold Medal
Guide Hachette des Vins 2015: 1 star

Champagne «L‘ Héritage»
Wine Enthusiast 2014 & 2015: 91 out of 100
Concours International Lyon 2015: Silver Medal
Decanter 2015: commended
Guide Hachette des Vins 2014: 2 stars

Champagne «La Puissance»
Wine Enthusiast 2014 & 2015: 93 out of 100
Decanter 2015: Bronze Medal
Guide Hachette des Vins 2014: 1 star

Champagne «L‘ Exception 2007»
Guide Hachette des Vins 2014: 2 stars

Champagne «L‘ Exception 2008»
International Wine Challenge: Bronze Medal

Champagne «L‘ Authentique»
International Wine Challenge: Bronze Medal

Secret d‘ Or
Guide Hachette des Vins 2016: 2 stars

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